CRI Towing was fabulous! Great communication with their staff  --  they were able to track and let us know the location of their tow truck, while en route to us. Having your car towed for any reason is always stressful! 

Fernando promptly came to the rescue and was able to take my sad-broken-down car clear across to the other side of town, to my repair shop (I think a lot of towing companies would have an attitude about that but Fernando was great). Fernando was professional, very careful with my car, along with excellent communication and follow up. 

My friend and I were not able to make it to the shop in time before closing. But, Fernando was able to drop of  my car and keys with the repair shop, just fine while my friend and I were still stuck and traffic. I was so relieved and grateful Fernando was able to take care of the drop off  beautifully! We were in good hands and a  load of stress was lifted because of Fernando/CRI Towing! I highly recommend CRI Towing Services. 


When my car suddenly wouldn't start their team was punctual and their rates were as expected. Driver was kind and helpful with his information and treated myself and my vehicle with respect. Would highly recommend this team!


These dudes towed me to a great place they recommended me to fix my car. This was a flawless -non expensive- experience. Glad I found them.